Tags: porta posate cucina, alzatina cucina adesivo, casa cucina, alzatina piano cucina, tappeto l cucina, die cucina, utility cucina, scaffale legno cucina, cura cucina, mensole cucina scafale.

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Nero Piatto In Acciaio Inox Cremagliera Della Parete Appeso Ciotola Piatto Cremagliera di Scarico Scaffale Trasporto-punzonatura Contenitori E Complementi Per Cucina Organizzatore

Materiale: acciaio inossidabile Formato: come immagine Tipo: 2/3 livelli Cornici E Articoli Da Esposizione Incluso: 1 * piatto Cremagliera

Materiale: acciaio inossidabile

  • Materiale: Metallo
  • Origine: CN (Origine)
  • Marca: NoEnName_Null

Смотрится великолепно! и очень удобно!
Mukan Derbesov
I am very sorry for this review, but I will add another review once the seller understands. I received the item, it had many defects, even though I paid so much for the customs clearance in Germany. I sent it back to the seller. The tracking number shows that she already received it, but she declines and says I did not receive it. She doesn’t issue my dispute. It is 66,87 euros. I hope she refunds me my money. I will add a comment once she refunds. When I wanted to return the item, I got an address in Berlin, not in China, this is why I could not have my taxes money from Customs Clearance back. I asked the seller to pay that since she will not pay taxes in Berlin. The seller totally ignores and doesn’t want to reply that. This order was very stressful for me. :((((((

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